November 30, 2017

Kentwood Football Volunteering opportunity

Hello players, we are in need of more volunteers for the Jerry Wood Holiday Engine Event. Please sign up ASAP.

This is a great opportunity to earn volunteers hours and give back to the Covington community.

Jersey will be provided.

Thank you Coach Bush

Please read below for more information.

Hello Kentwood Football Families. I know in the years past we have had some excellent volunteers from your football team. This is A huge event that runs the first 3 weeks of December. Ask any of the teammates who have volunteered in the past, it is a great experience in giving it to our community. I know some of your leaders on the field have also been leaders at Walmart, making this event magical. I am hoping we can get enough volunteers to make this years donations record breaking. I will be having incentives for: most volunteer hours and biggest boot!  

(Jacob and Justin I need another video) 🎅🏻

Thanks and merry Christmas and I LOVE KENTWOOD FOOTBALL! 😀🏈💚❄️ 

Gabrielle Bergmann

Volunteer coordinator