September 30, 2018

Attention JV Suit up list for Monday's Game

The following players will report to the locker room after school tomorrow for the JV game.

JV Game is 5PM at Auburn-Riverside HS.

We do not have a time for bus departure. As noted above, please report to locker room after school


Strunk, George

Stansell, Ryan

Salu, Zion

Brown, Akil

Lucero, Thomas

Rusich, Justin

Heineke, Colton

Garcia, Clemente

Gregson, Garrett

Aselin, Isaac

Duong, Andy

Blakely, Nick

Dillard, Khe’Shon

Rosales, Martin

Rosmaity, Timothy

Spicklemeier, James

Hansen, Carter

Levias, Damian

Chong, Peter

Travers, Connor

Kremer, Dominic

Sawari, Sajjad

Yancey, Carson

Marcel, Adrian

Adams, Jalen

Franco, Tyler

Smith, Tyrenn

Young, Mason

Diaz, Nik


Please contact Coach with any questions 

Jordan Nero

Head Girls Basketball Coach

Kentwood High School