11/16/17 Minutes

KWFBC General Meeting Minutes – Thursday, November 16, 2017
Meeting began at 6:35 PM
Attendees:  Kelli Cronn, Gordy Plett, Charity Plett, Barb Travers, Rachael Breeden, Aly Statler, Nicole Klein, Kendra Moore, Michael Bush, Jennifer Loso, Kim Seiber
Approval of Minutes:  Rachael motioned to approve; Aly Statler second.
Coaches Report:
-JV/Varsity Banquet will be 11/30 in PCA at 7:00 pm  ***Note:  This has now been moved to Sunday, December 10 @ 7:00 pm  Cake & Punch will be served.  Set up will be at 6:00 pm
-Coach Bush attended the All League Meeting.  KW was well represented in the nominations.   
Discussed at the meeting:  Proposal for a 3 tier League with the teams being grouped:  Mountain = Top teams, Sound = teams in the middle, Valley = Lower teams.  KW may not play all the Kent teams.  How the League will look will be finalized on November 28th.
-Coach has counted 17 KW records that have been broken this season.
-Off season training will be starting soon.  This year’s seniors can participate in the weight room training.  James Lawrence will be helping run the training program.
Upcoming Events:
-Need players to sign up for the Shop with a Cop/food collection at Walmart.  We need to fill the volunteer slots for:  12/9-12/15.
-12/14/17 Meeting has been cancelled.  The next meeting will be 1/18/18
Treasurer’s Report:
September’s statement was presented:
Sept. beginning balance = $8,691.63
Sept. ending balance = $13,800.93
Balance as of 11/9/17 = $14,536.55
Meeting adjourned 7:30 pm
Upcoming Meetings:
12/14/17 Rm 151 - Cancelled
1/18/18 Rm 151
2/15/18 Rm 152
3/15/18 Rm 152
4/19/18 Rm 152
5/19/18 Rm 152
6/14/18 Rm 152