1/18/18 Minutes

KWFBC General Meeting Minutes – Thursday, January 18, 2018
Meeting began at 6:33 PM
Attendees:  Tonja Diaz, Kim Seiber, Rachael Breeden, Kaylee Hansen, Marquise Brown, Wendy Spickelmier, Barb Travers, Jennifer Loso, Nicole Klein, Michael Bush
Approval of Minutes:  Kaylee Hansen motioned to approve; Wendy Spickelmier second.
Coaches Report:
NPSL Update:
-League has been reorganized & divided into 3 leagues.  Teams will be grouped together by level.
KW league consists of:  KW, Enumclaw, Auburn Riverside, Todd Beamer, Tahoma & Kennedy
-Weight Room:  Currently players are running it on their own.  Beginning 1/29, Matt Cleavland will run the weight room workouts.  M/TH in weight room, Wednesday - agility.  This will run through President’s Week.
Saturdays a defensive coach is running a conditioning workout.
-After President’s Week, weights will be 3 days a week M/T/TH
-Team needs to be together & more players need to be involved.
-Coach wants to plan a day when the team just sits & has a discussion.  Maybe a theme & have a coach speak.
-7v7:  There will be 7v7 games again like last year with the same schools.  Games will be held at Enumclaw & Tahoma.
March 4th & 25th
April 22nd & 29th
May 20th
-Camp:  No dates have been set yet for camp.  Planning on later in June.  Coach would like to get another team to participate & put pads on this year.
-Spring Ball:  Will be after all spring sports end.
4/21/18 -  Ford drive for you team; will be held at KW.  We earn $20.00 for every person that test drives.  Most likely will be a fundraiser for all sports.
-Mattress Fundraiser – Will probably be the weekend before the first game
Treasurer’s Report:
No Treasurer’s report presented
*Nominations will be held at the February meeting.
*Voting is at March meeting
*Election information needs to be sent out on Jersey watch.
Meeting adjourned 7:40 pm
Upcoming Meetings:
2/15/18 Rm 152
3/15/18 Rm 152
4/19/18 Rm 152
5/17/18 Rm 152
6/14/18 Rm 152