2/15/18 Minutes

KWFBC General Meeting Minutes – Thursday, February 15, 2018
Meeting began at 6:30 PM
Attendees: Wendy Spickelmier, Kaylee Hansen, Kim Seiber, Rachael Breeden, Kendra Moore, Steve Travers, Angi Musga, Chris Musga
Approval of Minutes:  Wendy Spickelmier motioned to approve; Steve Travers second.
Coaches Report:    No Coach’s Report
General Discussion:
Trevor’s Photography was at the meeting to present his photo package proposal for next year’s pictures:
Input from attendees at meeting:
-Like to be able to order pictures online
-Like that multiple poses were taken of each player last year

  • Trevor would still provide an envelope to order pictures & would not have online ordering available.
  • Can provide pictures for buttons or can make buttons for each player (2 3x5 pictures or 1 free button)
  • He can provide a banner, but picture needs to be taken before 8/15/18
  • There would be 1 pose for the team; extra poses for Seniors only

4/21/18 -  Ford drive for you team; will be held at KW.  We earn $20.00 for every person that test drives.  Most likely will be a fundraiser for all sports. – Need to verify this is still the date for this event.
-Mattress Fundraiser – Will probably be the weekend before the first game
**Rachel will get the names of the players who have earned free camp from working at the racetrack last year.
Treasurer’s Report:
-Decembers’sstatement was presented.
Beginning Balance of $14,475.67
Several outstanding checks:  $10,000 for Jersys, $500 for Weight Room & $2,376.86 to reimburse Rachael Breeden.
Ending Balance of $2,898.25
Elections: Will be held at the March Meeting
The following members have been nominated for Positions:
Aly Statler – President
Barb Travers – Vice President
Wendy Spickelmier – Secretary
Steve Travers – Treasurer
Kaylee Hansen volunteered to be in charge of merchandise
Jen Loso will coordinate Pre-Game meals
**3 people are needed to become signers on the accounts
Meeting adjourned 6:59 pm
Upcoming Meetings:
4/19/18 Rm 152
5/17/18 Rm 152
6/14/18 Rm 152