3/15/18 Minutes

KWFBC General Meeting Minutes – Thursday, March 15, 2018
Meeting began at 6:32 PM
Attendees: Tonja Diaz, Barb Travers, Steve Travers, Michael Bush, Kaylee Hansen, Marquise Brown, Kendra Moore, Aly Statler, Shannon Ridge (Kent Knights), Denise Daniels, Michael Daniels , Gordy Plett, Charity Plett, Kim Seiber
Approval of Minutes:  Wendy Tonya Diaz motioned to approve; Kendra Moore second.
Coaches Report:
-3/21/18 – There will be a parent & player meeting for all grade levels 8-12th.  This meeting was scheduled to help get the kids on track to finish the year strong.

  • Grades
  • Players are not going to the weight room
  • Disconnect:  need to get parents & the community involved
  • No response to texts from coaches & even other players
Looking for ways to help the kids be successful.  Ideas:
  • Have Alumni come back & speak to players
  • Build relationships with players (connect).
  • Have a gathering once a moth outside of school; have fun together.  Suggested the booster club could host.
  • Break into small groups lead by a coach, to have discussions & to help the coaches get know the players better.
-Spring Ball will be the last week in May through the first week in June.  Looking to put on gear this year during spring practice.
-6/24 – 6/27 – NW Team Camp.  Waiting to hear back to confirm dates.  Coach is also considering attending a different camp this year to have more competition & the chance to play other teams.  Possible options:
  • Central WA camp – Good competitive teams attend this camp.  Cost range approximately:  $275-$300.00
  • UPS – Similar to Central, but not as high caliber teams attend
  • Evergreen – This camp is a little more expensive but usually has the best group of teams.  Approximate cost $375.00
  • NW Camp – our camp.  Cost last year was $250.00
-Youth camp:  Will be scheduled after June 6th
-8th Grade visits will be scheduled after 4/16/18
-Freshman Parent night – Date is still TBD
-There will be an alumni poker event Saturday 3/24.  Alumni are looking to schedule events quarterly.
-Planning on retiring a couple of jerseys to the KW Hall of Fame this year.  Inductions to the Hall of Fame will happen every two years.  (other sports included)
Shannon Ridge attended our meeting representing Kent Knights.  Kent Knights has elected a new board.  They want to get back to supporting the high school programs:
  • Can help with fundraising
  • Provide community service hours for Juniors & Seniors
4/21/18 -  Ford Drive One For Your Team; will be held at KW.  We earn $20.00 for every person that test drives.
Mattress Fundraiser – Same day as BBQ in August
Other Fundraiser ideas suggested:
  • Car Raffle – Sell tickets $20.00 each
  • Amazon Smiles

Programs – Coach is looking into a company to do our programs next year.
Treasurer’s Report:
The past years income & expenses were presented.
Kendra would like to meet with the newly elected treasurer to go over the transition.
Elections were held & the following members were unanimously voted into their positions:
Aly Statler – President
Barb Travers – Vice President
Steve Travers – Treasurer
Wendy Spickelmier – Secretary
Meeting adjourned 8:00 pm
Upcoming Meetings:
4/19/18 Rm 152
5/17/18 Rm 152
6/14/18 Rm 152