4/19/18 Minutes

KWFBC Meeting Minutes – April 19th 2018
Call to Order: 6:36pm
Attendees: Aly Slater, Amanda Ruiz, Wendy Spickelmier, Barb Travers, Steve Travers, Michael Bush, Gordy Plett, Charity Plett, Kaylee Hansen, Tonja Diaz, Bryan Labelle, Laura Rodaime, Tina Cooper, Martin Rosales, Jennifer Loso and Jenny Hays
Approval of Minutes:  Kaylee Hansen motioned to approve and Steve Travers seconded.
Treasurers Report:
                   *The past years income and expenses were presented.
*We opted out of the paper statement to save $ each month
                   *Some outstanding invoices have been paid, leaving us with approx. $4000.
Presidents Report:
                   *We would like to review and update the Bi-laws, last update in 2016
                   *Possible name change: 
                                      *We would still operate with our financial as Kentwood Football Booster Club, as far as
                                      the group activities and newsletters, we would try something new. Trying to
be more inclusive to all.  Get away from the Stigma of a booster club.  Possible names that have come up, Conqueror’s Gridiron Force or Conqueror’s Gridiron Nation.
                   *Introduction of Bryan Labelle, Kentwood Football Alumni Rep.
                                      *Alumni group doesn’t know where they fit within the Booster Club.  They would like
                                      Interaction within the group.

  • They would to bring back the Hall of Fame
  • Have the Alumni return for the BBQ and Homecoming Game
  • They Held a Poker Tournament in which the Alumni and coaches attended they raised approx. $2000.
Coaches Report:
                   *The player and parent meeting has helped to make some improvement, there has been
                   Noticeable improvement in grades.  Went from 119 students with below a C, to 74 students
                   Below a C.  Goal is to get ahead and start the new year better.
              *Conks 4 Success has also been better attended
                   *Camp to be 6/23 – 6/26 at Evergreen.  Approx. cost to be $300.
                                      Slightly more than last year, but better teams participating that will get us better
                                      Prepared for the start of the season.
                   Conk Maneuvers
                                      Starting in May on Wednesday nights from 9-10pm.
                                      Players are broken up into teams, they will work with each other to earn points.
                                      Points awarded for Grades, attendance, conditioning, Volunteering etc.  This will
                                      help the players achieve a Sense of Purpose, with bonding, leadership building and fun.
                   Spring Ball Dates:
                                      Will be listed in the website / Jersey Watch
Vice President:
Please let others know to join our booster program, lets all reach out to other families and let them know what we are all about.
  • working on Fred Meyers shopper’s rewards
  • Amazon Smiles
  • Safeway Rewards
  • Boeing Match
  • Players sending out donation letters
  • Racetrack, may not be doing the exact thing as years past, he said he promised to another group a few years ago, we may be reduced to helping with the racetrack duties instead of concessions
Setting up programs for outside donations:
  • Ven Mo
  • Cash Hop
  • Zel

Mission Statement:
                   Mission statement is needed to proceed with Amazon Smiles, Steve Travers presented a
                   Statement that he worked on.  Motion to approve statement made by Kaylee Hansen
                   And Steve Travers Seconded.
                   We will get a list together of the committees that we will need help with, it will take
                   Many hands to make this program successful.
Upcoming Dates:
                   4/21 Ford Drive for your School 9-3pm
                   4/28 Laser Tag Player Bonding at KW
5/12 Food Drive at the Covington Post Office 2-7
                   6/2 Physical at Pearson Chiropractic, Cost $35. Signup to follow
Meeting Adjourned: 8:04
Upcoming Meetings:
                   5/17/18 Rm 152
                   6/14/18 Rm 152